Property: private and commercial

With us in your corner you’ll find private and commercial property doesn’t have to be wrapped up in red tape

If you’re buying or selling a house or acquiring a commercial property, that’s a big deal. You’ll find us responsive to the fact that a lot of your hopes and aspirations, and even the future of your business, may be wrapped up in the move. Ultimately, property – private or commercial – is about you and what you want to achieve, we recognise that and commit to helping you achieve your goal.

conveyancing-web01If you’re a private client we can help you with freehold and leasehold houses and flats, we’ll help you re-mortgage or release equity in a property and we can help you work with property developers and housing associations (and we already have good, working relationships with most of Southern England’s housing associations).

If your needs relate to commercial property, whether it’s a sale or acquisition, a lease agreement or dealing with local authorities, we bring the same high level of client centred personal service to all that we do. We’re doing this together, sharing the objective and moving constantly forward to meet your needs as if they were our own.

As a landlord you’ve made a substantial investment in your property rental business. We can help you protect that investment by ensuring your tenancy agreements and rental contracts are all they should be. And, if relationships with a tenant become unsettled, we can help you resolve disputes. We can work with you to secure payment of arrears and, if necessary, issue possession proceedings to put your property safely back in your hands. 

Your property rental business may also be helped by lease extensions, alterations of terms, lease enfranchisement and the like, and we can help you with them all. You may not even know that such things could bring you advantages and, as experienced property solicitors, we will advise you on anything that might help your business prosper. 

If you’re a tenant and you find yourself in dispute with your landlord we can help. If a landlord hasn’t taken the time to set their business up in the right way their contracts may be flawed and you may be meeting unreasonable requests, but don’t panic, these things can be resolved. If you find yourself in difficulties with your landlord call us at the earliest opportunity. If we’re talking about where you live or work, things need to be resolved quickly and without fuss so that relations can be restored and you can get on with your life.

For clear, straightforward advice call us on 023 9282 2411 or contact us with your enquiry. Whether you’re buying and selling or have a problem to solve we’ll give you the advice and help you need.