Wills and Probate

Writing a will can raise difficult feelings, but there’s one thing to remember…

…this is personal: it’s about you or your family, things that really matter.

When it comes to writing a will you want to ensure it leads to your wishes being carried out and, done properly, it will. But making a will isn’t a one size fits all process, it’s about what you want, no matter how complex or quirky that might be. Our understanding of that underpins all that we do: as a private client it’s about you.

Whether we’re writing your will, handling probate, dealing with an estate following a bereavement, setting up a power of attorney, setting up a trust, or completely managing your affairs, the first thing you get is our commitment to you. We listen to what you want and that directs the rest of our work. Our experienced, personable solicitors have the skills to handle any legal matter, and they work in a way that takes away the concerns, fears and worry of dealing with your legal affairs. It’s not about being slick or intense, it’s about getting things done effectively in a pleasant, personable and open way.

Call us to tell us what you need. We’ll quickly establish whether we can help you and together we can start to get things done. Call us on 023 9282 2411 or contact us.